Improve your body image and self-esteem with this revolutionary surgery

If you’ve been dreaming of having larger breasts, Delhi is an excellent choice. Breast augmentation surgery in Delhi improves a woman’s overall body image and self-esteem. Patients seeking this procedure may be suffering from underdeveloped breasts, volume loss after pregnancy, cup size correction, or reconstructive surgery. Dr. S.B. Singh is one of the leading surgeons in India for fat grafting and sub fascial techniques. Fat transfer breast augmentation is a revolutionary surgical procedure, which uses a small amount of the patient’s own fat to create larger breasts.

The recovery period after surgery depends on the individual patient and how well they comply with their surgeon’s instructions. After the operation, you should rest for at least one day and eat lighter meals. You should not perform any strenuous activities for the first two weeks and avoid jarring movements. Your surgeon may prescribe antibiotics or pain medications to help with the recovery. Wearing a compression bra is recommended for the first four weeks. Within a month, you can resume light physical activities and desk jobs.

When you decide to undergo breast reduction surgery in Delhi, your surgeon will insert silicone breast implants beneath your breast tissue. They vary in size and shape, and can last for up to 10 years. The results of this procedure are natural-looking, and they do not interfere with breastfeeding or mammograms. This procedure is an excellent option for women who wish to improve their confidence and overall appearance. You may even be surprised at the savings you can realize by completing breast augmentation surgery in Delhi.

Surgical techniques for breast augmentation are performed under general anesthesia and take about two hours to complete. Incisions are made along the areola edge or armpit, depending on how much enlargement you desire and the type of implant you need. Your surgeon will use a few different techniques to create a pocket, including the placement of the implant. The pocket will be carefully constructed by your doctor and a disposable sizer will be used to check for asymmetry.

Before having the surgery, your plastic surgeon will perform a comprehensive physical examination. They will evaluate the overall architecture of your breasts, and whether they are symmetrical. If they are uneven or unbalanced, breast augmentation can correct deformities like tuberous breasts. The incisions will be small enough to be unnoticeable within a few days, but they should be concealed under clothing.



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